Every Minimally-Viable Product (MVP) should include an A/B test, a test where you show half of the site visitors one version and the other half another version and compare the results.


  •  It’s your chance to create a measurement-driven culture in your team
  •  It’s an opportunity to start getting feedback right away
  •  It’ll set you up for a less expensive cost per test over time
  •  It’s the opportunity to start the snowball of momentum early on, so your conversion rates and repeat usage keep building and building

What happens if you don’t do it?

You end up procrastinating. Months later, you’ve done all kinds of upgrades, social features, and more, but you haven’t gotten that feedback loop in place. Your developers would rather build features, because they ‘know’ what the product needs. Your CEO is stressed out with raising funding. Everyone is agreeing that A/B testing is important, but somehow it never gets off the to-do list.

So make it a priority to get a first, super-simple A/B test into your MVP.

About the Author: Adrian Scott helps high-tech/media companies grow their businesses through metrics and testing. A recent upgrade for one client increased site visits by several hundred percent. Adrian founded the pioneering social networking services Ryze, which he bootstrapped into 15% Weekly Growth Rates, and was a founding investor in Napster. He has developed technology for startups and corporations, developing software and setting up operations. He can reached via email at adrian at adrianscott . com.