Hello, I’m Adrian Scott. I’ve set up this blog because I’m passionate about helping companies get A/B testing working, create habits in their membership and users, and make decisions leveraging a lifetime customer value perspective. I’m particularly thrilled about tapping into social network dynamics, having helped pioneer social networking.

I’m helping several companies get their A/B testing rolling, and bring a testing-oriented and data-driven approach into their corporate culture. I recently helped one of them increase site visit length by several hundred %, and reduce engineering man-days from what they were expecting to spend. In another company, we got testing in place and found out that an upgrade that we expected to increase repeat usage actually decreased it instead.

In the past I helped pioneer social networking by founding Ryze in 2001. Ryze was the big influence on Friendster, which in turn influenced Facebook. Ryze was also studied by LinkedIn’s team. I was also a founding investor in Napster. Prior to that I built out technology for a number of tech and finance companies, including Bank of America, Charles Schwab and Hewlett Packard. I was an angel investor in BuyDirect.com (acquired by Beyond.com) and Giganet (acquired by Emulex). I advised Starmine (acquired by Thomson Reuters) on product, and advised Sean Parker’s Plaxo (acquired by Comcast) on fundraising.

More recently I’ve been helping companies grow their metrics. In some cases I help out a few days a month. In special situations I help out at the board level. Sometimes I will be asked to leverage my technical background to help a company build a new product or reboot an existing product in a more intense role. Recent technology work I’ve done has included Python/Django, Android, Java, and PHP.

Prior to my work in Silicon Valley, I completed a Math Ph.D. in nonlinear optimization at age 20 from Rensselaer. I grew up working in my family’s software company, so I grew up coding. I live in a U.S. timezone, and typically collaborate primarily remotely. I do have a capability to build out a U.S. time-zone technical, analytics, and/or support team.

More on me at AdrianScott.com and iShipCode.com . Contact me


“Adrian Scott has made a substantial contribution to the creation of our capital markets web site. He not only has an impressive knowledge of all the latest web technologies but Adrian has the rare ability to see the most effective business application for those technologies and to put them in the context of an online marketing strategy.”
James Leatherberry, Formerly of
Bank of America Global Markets Group

“Aereal (Adrian Scott) produced our Site, a news center for journalists, on time and budget for our Valentine’s Day public relations needs. Because of the template-driven infrastructure they produced, we’ve been able to easily maintain the site ourselves since then. We’ve been very happy with Aereal’s work and their continued support.”
Trish McDermott
Public Relations Director, Match.Com